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Bebelac - baby food

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Mother's milk is the best, while ordinary cow's milk an inadequate food for a child up to two years of age. In cases when natural nutrition is not possible or is insufficient, the infant must be fed an adapted milk formula composed in accordance with relevant international recommendations (Joint FAO/WHO Codex Alumentarius Commission, 1984/1988; ESPGAN Committee on Nutrition, 1977/1991; Commission of the European Community, 1991 ).

All parents want their children to reach their maximum potentials, both mental and physical. Adequate nutritional guiding is an important task in this process. This is the reason why mother's milk is always regarded as the best way to feed babies. However, not all mothers are able, or do not wish to breast feed their babies. Nutricia has developed a wide range of milk formulas providing optimum growth and development.