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Our mission
Our top management and all Kibid employees are committed to creating business success and future development by providing the market with high quality products and services that fulfill the needs and expectations of consumers and buyers for premium brands and the requirements of normative acts related to product quality and safety. In this domain, the responsibility that the company takes upon itself to secure the safety of products it places on the market is of fundamental importance.
Our vision
KIBID Ltd is committed to maintaining its leadership position, improving the reputation of the brands it imports and consumer confidence, through the implementation and continuous improvement of its product safety management system in accordance with the requirements of HACCP system of Codex Alimentarius CXC 1-1969  from 2020, its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, provisions of the Statute and relevant regulations, as well as requirements for product quality and safety agreed with customers.
Company values
Credibility - 25 years on the baby food market makes us a credible partner and associate, because with every passing day we strive to respond to the needs and requirements of our consumers and buyers.

Integrity - Integrity is critical in our operations, which leads us to continuously create and maintain the trust and loyalty of our buyers and consumers.
Social responsibility
As a socially responsible company, Kibid constantly works to plan and implement socially responsible activities, in order to make its contribution to society, and above all to the youngest population.